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The Pentagon

The Pentagon Operation Straight Up at "The Pentagon"

27,000 employees including Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense
 & The President


OSU Tour Pentagon Event

OSU tour was welcomed with open arms from the top officials at the Pentagon. We entertained our audience there with world-class style that consisted of Hollywood Actor Stephen Baldwin our Emcee and speaker for the event, Bob Whitcomb/comedian/strongest juggler in the world, Natalie Grant/2006 and 2007 GMA female vocalist of the year/concert, and myself, Jonathan Spinks / Undefeated Extreme Fighter & Kickboxer. We were blessed to be encouraged by the top officials at the Pentagon to exercise our right to “freedom of speech”. One of the very rights our soldiers fight for. We were indeed allowed the opportunity to deliver a crystal-clear gospel presentation and invitation upon which many attendees acted upon. We received rave reviews from everyone that attended our show including many Generals as they encouraged us stating “we needed your shows in front of every single soldier we have”. (All names are being withheld in respect of the privacy and/or organizations that fight separation of church and state issues.) We must mention that although we received rave reviews at our show, clearly, we have many enemies outside the Pentagon that have never been to our shows. Because of these organizations, weeks following our show at the Pentagon, our website received 377,000 hits. Most of which bombarded our headquarters with threats and extreme hate emails. Language so filthy Lucifer himself would be proud. Enemies in sheep’s clothing that disguise themselves as protectors of “military religious freedom” but are distinctly savagely against Jesus Christ and denounce him profusely in private but resourcefully in public. A man (Jesus Christ), I might mention, that has produced more peace on earth, than any other person on Earth. Not hate! The very calendar we live by was set in place by this man’s life and death. Dan Rather’s office contacted the OSU Tour headquarters on almost a daily basis seeking interviews for a controversial show to boost his own show's ratings. Which we refused I might add, but was aired without our input regardless. Our supporters were assured that, to do something that brings this kind of response from the enemies of Christians, we must be headed in the right direction. The truth is, all we seek to do is help our armed forces get answers to divorce, suicide, PTSD, addictions, and the like, so they can live the life they have only dreamed about. Something every American citizen should be for, not against. Answers to their habits, hurts and hang-ups, that produce better fathers to their children, better husbands and wives to their spouses, a better soldier in the foxhole, and a better life for all! We press on!

OSU Tour was invited for a private meeting with officials at the Pentagon on October 8, 2005 and a 2nd meeting on October10, 2005 to discuss the functions of our events and our organization. The officials we met with had an overwhelming response of support (although could not give an official endorsement by the DoD) and committed to help with the future success of the OSU Tour organization. At this meeting we were also invited to perform our shows at The Pentagon. Performance dates are not yet official as we work on the scheduling of this event and including military bases around Washington, D.C. Below were a few pictures that were taken at the Pentagon on our visit.

Our promise to The Pentagon was to enhance military members quality of life by providing “Live Entertainment” with a distinct purpose in mind. Designed to touch the heart and soul of men and women where they need it the most, at home. We encourage commitment in marriages, quality in fatherhood, and covenant in relationships. We confront issues like divorce, drugs, and uncontrolled anger that are harmful to a quality form of life. We feel this produces stability in their family life and a greater peace within the families of all operatives. Our plan is not to tame the army down but to empower it in another dimension. If we can relieve stress at home, we can produce a more concrete and stable operative at war.

About The Pentagon

The Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defense, is one of the world's largest office buildings. It is twice the size of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building in New York. The National Capitol could fit into any one of the five wedge-shaped sections. There are very few people throughout the United States who do not have some knowledge of the Pentagon. Many have followed news stories emanating from the defense establishment housed in this building. However, relatively few people have had the opportunity to visit The Pentagon.

The Pentagon is virtually a city in itself. Approximately 23,000 employees, both military and civilian, contribute to the planning and execution of the defense of our country. These people arrive daily from Washington, D.C. and its suburbs over approximately 30 miles of access highways, including express bus lanes and one of the newest subway systems in our country. They ride past 200 acres of lawn to park approximately 8,770 cars in 16 parking lots; climb 131 stairways or ride 19 escalators to reach offices that occupy 3,705,793 square feet. While in the building, they tell time by 4,200 clocks, drink from 691 water fountains, utilize 284 rest rooms, consume 4,500 cups of coffee, 1,700 pints of milk and 6,800 soft drinks prepared or served by a restaurant staff of 230 persons and dispensed in 1 dining room, 2 cafeterias, 6 snack bars, and an outdoor snack bar. The restaurant service is a privately run civilian operation under contract to the Pentagon.

Over 200,000 telephone calls are made daily through phones connected by 100,000 miles of telephone cable. The Defense Post Office handles about 1,200,000 pieces of mail monthly. Various libraries support our personnel in research and completion of their work. The Army Library alone provides 300,000 publications and 1,700 periodicals in various languages.

Stripped of its occupants, furniture and various decorations, the building alone is an extraordinary structure. Built during the early years of World War II, it is still thought of as one of the most efficient office buildings in the world. Despite 17.5 miles of corridors it takes only seven minutes to walk between any two points in the building.

The original site was nothing more than wasteland, swamps and dumps. 5.5 million cubic yards of earth, and 41,492 concrete piles contributed to the foundation of the building. Additionally, 680,000 tons of sand and gravel, dredged from the nearby Potomac River, were processed into 435,000 cubic yards of concrete and molded into the Pentagon form. The building was constructed in the remarkably short time of 16 months and completed on January 15, 1943 at an approximate cost of $83 million. It consolidated 17 buildings of the War Department and returned its investment within seven years.

E-mail: office@osutour.org

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